online marketing solution


Online Marketing does not have to be confusing, or expensive. 


We equip business owners who have little or no online marketing experience with the ability to have an effective & professional online presence Day One. 

We equip successful businesses with the ability to grow their customer base faster and more effectively than radio, tv, or print.

If you are not marketing your business Online...

YOUR COMPETITORS WHO DO Online Marketing WILL Drive You Out of Business...

We give Main Street the ability to take their Signage & Brand online and place it over more than 1 million apps and websites where your potential customers will see it when they login to their favorite sites.

We give you the ability to grow your business online in this new digital age.


Through our innovative user friendly platform we have removed the excessive cost, and  the complexity, out of Online Marketing. 

Now even the most inexperienced Internet novice can take their business online and grow.

About Us

Using the Internet to Increase Business


Long Island Hot Spot was started by Souvenir Publishing Group to help businesses like yours effortlessly use the Internet to increase their sales. 

We began this journey by trying to help ourselves. We were tired of paying exorbitant sums of money to marketing companies to give us an online presence for our publications.

In our exhaustive search for a solution we came upon a platform that enabled us to accomplish with ease and greater control, all of our online marketing needs and social media posts. 

This user-friendly and very inexpensive solution enabled us to produce online ads, capture potential client’s information, create professional email campaigns, and post professionally written content over all our social media platforms from a list of over 10,000 available posts and clickable pictures.  These were posts we did not have to write and pictures we did not have to take. Anybody could do this!


Long Island Hot Spot is dedicated to helping small and medium size businesses market themselves over the internet just like major corporations do.

This is who we are.