The Long Island Souvenir Travel Guide

The original Guest Room Placed Travel Guide for Long island

Showing Visitor & Local Alike, the Best Long Island Has to Offer

Our One-Of-A-Kind Feature Destination travel guide has been showing visitors and native Long Islanders, where to go and what to do when you get there, for over Ten years.

The Long Island Souvenir is the first publication in the history of Long Island to be placed directly in the guest rooms of Hotels, Inns, and B&B's across Eastern & Central Suffolk.

The Long Island Souvenir is the "Restaurant Hoppers" guide to unique and diverse eateries from Montauk to Babylon. Our travel guide is distributed from the finest restaurants in some of the hottest locations on the island. If you are interested in attracting new clientele, as well as the consummate "Restaurant Hopper", this is the publication for you. 

The Long Island Souvenir travel guide has a great history of "Firsts":

  1. The first ever guest room placed travel guide on Long Island.
  2. The first publication to offer the Feature Destination format.
  3. The first to offer a Centerfold Map.
  4. The first to combine Eastern & Central Long Island together in one publication.
  5. Now the first to offer a digital version complete with active hyperlinks, and the ability to allow our advertisers to display special offers and promotions to the masses over the most popular platforms on the internet.

New for 2020

The Long Island Souvenir is Going Digital for 2020.

The Digital version of our 2020 travel guide will be aggressively promoted across Eastern & Central Long Island for visitors and Locals alike over the internet as people visit their favorite sites and social media platforms.

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