Turn your sign into an Interactive Online sign

Take Your Sign Beyond Main Street

Storefront Signage

  • Your storefront sign is your brand.                      
  • But it is stationary. Seen only in one set place. 
  • Even the best location can be easily missed by a distracted customer.
  • It can not be seen on or interact with Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, or Home Computers.

Place It Anywhere On Google Maps

Online Proximity Marketing

  • Turn your sign into a Clickable Online Sign that will promote your brand to a guaranteed audience of thousands while they browse the Internet on their favorite sites no matter where they are in your targeted area.
  • Your clickable online sign will direct people  anywhere you want; your Website, FaceBook, or a Landing Page you created on this platform promoting your latest specials, services, or products.

A Very EFFECTIVE way for churches to Reach Their community

Take Your Church Sign and Message Online

Church Signage

  • Your Church Sign tells the community who you are and when you meet. But it is not interactive and even the best placed signs have limited visibility at best.
  • Any special quotes or messages you post only reach those who happen to drive by, and reach them only when they are not too distracted to actually read them.
  • Salvation messages, meeting highlights, or videos of church services can not be displayed or viewed through your church signage.
  • Your current sign though important as it is, is limited in what you can do with it.

Place it Over the Community You Serve

Digital Marketing

  • Your Interactive Church Sign can be placed over the internet encompassing your entire community while people use their devices in the comfort of their homes, local parks, local coffee spots, or wherever they may be in your targeted area.
  • You can easily change the message on your interactive sign to promote special meetings or reach hurting people with a message of hope.
  • Your clickable sign can be directed to a custom built Landing Page where videos, uplifting messages, or promotional material can be displayed.
  • Email addresses are captured by the platform whereby you can follow-up with everyone who clicked your sign with a customizable email tool that also comes with this platform.
  • Get as creative as you want.


Take Your Church Into Your Neighbors Homes and Devices!

Plans starting at only $57 a month with no long term commitments.